Sanchit Dilip Jain/Let's explore Apache Kafka, the Easy Way on AWS!

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Let’s explore Apache Kafka, the Easy Way on AWS!


  • Apache Kafka is powerful. But “with great power, comes great responsibility”! Fortunately, with Amazon MSK, developers can focus on how to build with Kafka instead of being responsible for managing a large-scale distributed system.

  • This session will provide an overview of Amazon MSK (including its Serverless flavor) and MSK Connect. It will cover architecture along with hands-on demos to give you a better understanding of how to leverage Kafka on AWS to build practical solutions for everyday use cases.

  • It is hosted by AWS UserGroup Mumbai to spread the knowledge of AWS MSK

  • Speakers.

    1. Abhishek Gupta - Principal Developer Advocate, AWS
    2. Sanchit Jain - Data Analytics & Cloud Practice Lead, Quantiphi

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